Why use VoiceRunners?
  • Slash Marketing Costs and ensure telemarketing efforts
  • Automate your collection Calls
  • Automate your important reminders and notifications
  • Track your responses
  • Ensure your customers get your time sensitive messages by VoiceRunners detailed call reporting
  • Business Solutions
  • VoiceRunners lets you use the power and emotion of the human voice to connect via automated phone calls. The online application provides an easy way to record voice messages and broadcast them to your opt-in database of hundreds of contacts using the power of the VOIP technologies that have changed the communication industry. We work with you to ensure that your voice broadcast reaches your customer, your employees, or your clients that have asked to hear from you.
  • A Simple Web Based Hosted Solution
  • Quickly record a message and upload your phone list, schedule a time & date for your message to be sent, and VoiceRunners will place hundreds of calls to your employees, clients, and customers at speeds of over 100 calls-per-minute. You can even include a transfer-1 option for instant connections to hot leads.

  • VoiceRunners a SMS, Fax and Voice Broadcasting solution

    VoiceRunners is multi tenant unified communications telemarketing software solution supporting Voice, SMS & Fax broadcasting suitable for small business owners. VoiceRunners has smart autodialer and smart predictive dialer capabilities. It can be scaled to blast thousands of simultaneous calls using either VoIP or PSTN. VoiceRunners can handle most voice broadcasting scenarios,. It is simple, reliable and easy to use and has a user friendly web portal to manage.